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I'm currently working on my next stand alone novel that was inspired by an area near the Gulf of Mexico, in south Louisiana. The setting for the novel is the fictional town of Acadianville, Louisiana. The inspiration for the setting came from my love and appreciation of Louisiana's coastal shoreline and fishing opportunities. In addition to the amazing marine life and wetlands, our coast is also a huge supplier of oil production which provides many jobs for our great state - hence the selection of Port Fourchon as inspiration in the novel.

The novel centers around several characters whose stories become entangled in a web of love, lust, jealously and control. Romance, lust, murder...all wrapped up into a standalone novel!


The title will be released soon and the publish date is slated for early 2025! 

Be sure to follow my page for character releases and more storyline!

My next novel...

Cenla Focus_edited.jpg

Tracy A. Daigrepont Wins First Place

for the novel

'A Forever Love'

at The BookFest® Awards Fall 2023

 Louisiana Fiction Author!

tracy a. daigrepont


Tracy A. Daigrepont met her spouse, TJ, in her sophomore year of high school and they have proven that young high school crushes can blossom into meaningful, lasting relationships. Both enjoy living "back home" and raising their three daughters in their hometown. She currently balances a full-time career in a corporate environment in addition to sharing her creativity via professional photography and writing fiction novels. Her first novel, A Forever Love, was inspired by her hometown, LeCompte, Louisiana.

A Sedipar Trilogy focuses on a group of high school teens - first loves and close friendships. The sweet, innocent notions a first love brings send emotions spiraling through a web of unknowns. Her inspiration for the trilogy was her hometown of LeCompte in addition to high school.  High school is a pinnacle moment of time – a special time we all reflect on at some point in our lives and smile. Tracy hopes her readers can embrace moments from her novel that bring memories of friendships and first loves back to mind.

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