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About the Author

Tracy A. Daigrepont - Author has always yearned to write a novel.  Growing up in a small town of central Louisiana, Tracy has strong ties to her small, hometown community. It was only natural that the inspiration for her first trilogy came from her hometown of LeCompte. 

While her hometown doesn't offer what a larger town might and most people drive through without blinking, her childhood memories remain close to her heart. She grew up in Meeker, Louisiana, about five miles south of LeCompte. Her Dad farmed with his three brothers and his Dad until she entered junior high school. She grew up around tractors, plows, cotton name it!

You might think there isn't anything magical about a freshly plowed field in the spring. To this day, she can still smell the freshly plowed dirt and feel the squoosh between her barefoot toes. It was an amazing childhood, as she had her own playground right at her fingertips.

After attending a private school through 8th grade, she decided to attend the public school near her home, Rapides High, in 9th grade. Life-long friendships were made along with meeting her husband of now 22 years. She met TJ in her sophomore year of high school and their marriage has proven that young high school crushes can blossom into meaningful, lasting relationships. They chose to raise their three daughters in their hometown around family and friends.

Today, she balances a full-time career in a corporate environment in addition to leaning on her creative side via professional photography and writing fiction novels. 


She couldn't have authored this novel without the patience of her spouse, daughters, friends, and family. 

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