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A Forever Love
The first novel in A Sedipar Trilogy


Tracy A. Daigrepont Wins First Place for the Book 'A Forever Love' at

The BookFest® Awards Fall 2023



The novel, A Forever Love, is the first novel in the Sedipar Trilogy. 


A Forever Love is a fiction novel centered around a group of high school friends that navigate life thwarted by past secrets, manipulation, and jealousy in the small, southern town of Sedipar, Louisiana.

The Corbin’s have a generational wealth tag in Sedipar. Nessie Corbin longs to be known for more than her last name. Her family is wealthy, so everyone assumes they are perfect.

Not even close.

“Dysfunction” best represents the Corbin family. And, it is only going to get worse.

At the helm of the family dysfunction is Dr. Isabella Corbin. Married to her high school sweetheart, Tucker, Isabella’s cunning, cold, and manipulative demeanor leave much to be desired.

Sophomore Beau Corbin takes the “hottest boy award” at Sedipar High School. He has every girl’s attention both on and off the football field. It is only natural that the QB’s heart falls for none other than the gorgeous, freshman cheer captain, Charlotte Callaway. Their lust for each other quickly blossoms into a sweet, blissful romance.

As Beau and Charlotte’s relationship deepens, Isabella becomes obsessed with destroying the possibility that a Callaway might become part of her family. Isabella has suppressed her hatred of the Callaway family since her high school days, but her disgust for Beau’s newfound relationship with Charlotte forces past secrets to surface.

Lies and deceit begin to plague Sedipar as relationships weaken and fade.

Nothing exciting typically happens in the small, southern town of Sedipar, Louisiana.

Nothing could have prepared us for what was to come.

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