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 A Sedipar Trilogy

tracy a daigrepont

edited by Jennifer Jakes

Did you know?
Sedipar is simply 'Rapides' reversed!

The novel, A Forever Love, is the first novel in the Sedipar Trilogy.  My inspiration for this trilogy stems from my love and appreciation for my hometown, LeCompte.  Sedipar was derived from reversing our parish, Rapides! 

Sedipar is the fictional town in my novel, however many of the iconic landmarks from my hometown, LeCompte, are referenced throughout the story. 

The setting of the novel is the early 1990's which is a time period that is near and dear to me - and dates me! - as I began high school in 1993. 

I wanted to bring the reader closer to the setting. Whether the reader is familiar with my hometown or not isn't relevant. My hope is that each reader draws a connection to their hometown when reading and smiles.

The iconic landmarks referenced throughout the story were important to me as they made the story appear real and it was easy for me to place each character in each moment.


A few of the landmarks are 'AEL's' which represents Lea's Lunchroom; 'The Dixie' which represents The Whipt Dip; 'Bayou Fueob' which represents Bayou Boeuf,  and 'Lake Danik' which represents Indian Creek. 

While the landmarks are real and historical landmarks from the town, the characters are 100% fictional.


 So...don't fret all of my high school friends! 

High school is a pinnacle moment of life. I remember the four years passing by so quickly amidst the chaos that consistently surrounded us. We laughed...we cried...we partied...and most of all we built friendships that to this day still exist.  

My hope is that each reader finds something special in my novel they connect with that brings a moment back to life and a smile to their face. We all have a hometown...we all have special memories...and my hope is that my novel brings some of that back for my reader!

And a HUGE thanks to my wonderfully talented editor, Jennifer Jakes for helping me make this novel possible. I'm so very grateful to Jennifer for her guidance and patience. I'm excited to continue working with her on future novels!

And to Hallie amazing published author...who took time from her busy schedule to answer my questions as I began my writing journey. Your kindness will never be forgotten! 


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