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About the Novel

Relentless....this one word represents the message my novel will deliver to readers across various characters in addition to the setting. The below is not the book cover, however it is a glimpse into some of the meaningful parts and places mentioned within the novel.

The waterways, shack on the bayou, plantation replica, oil rigs, and the Louisiana blue iris all are symbolic to the setting and my novel.

From the MMC, Robert Brannon, and his evident control of the town of Acadianville, to the FMC, Savannah Brannon, who finds herself drawn to Dallas Redding, who is the complete opposite of what Robert has chosen for her, both strive to be in control but in different ways.

Other characters are presented within the story whose lives intertwine with Savannah. Knox Bailey, a super obsessive jock from South Carolina finds interest in local Adaleigh Shephard, a preppy rich girl that has no boundaries. Bennett Carlisle, Savannah's long-time friend, may seem shy and reserved - or is he playing everyone?

And finally - the Louisiana blue iris - known for its beauty but more for its resiliency to hurricanes that invade the region. They have persevered through the toughest storms as they claim their lay of the land in south Louisiana marshes. Their resilience to the wrath of storms that invade the still marshes where they thrive are a testament to their relentless nature and captivating beauty.

Savannah Brannon_edited.jpg

Robert Brannon 
Male MMC

Owns legal firm that represents large oil tycoons

Charlee Brannon 
Supporting character
Married to Robert Brannon


Savannah Brannon 
Daughter of Robert Brannon

Recently graduated from Tulane Law School and passed the bar

Bennett Carlisle
Supporting character
Best friends with Savannah; clings to the Brannon family for support; recently graduated from Tulane Law School


Dallas Redding 
Supporting character
Supervisor on oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico; transplant from North Carolina; respected by his crew on the oil rig


Knox Bailey 
Supporting character
Deckhand on the oil rig; transplant from South Carolina


Adaleigh Shepherd 
Supporting character
Her family owns the marina in town; she's flirty and lives vicariously


Robert Brannon.png
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