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My friends and editors...

I have the privilege of knowing several awesome people who love to read AND have bonus editing skills! I also call them...friends. While Jenn Jakes formally edited my second novel and is 'muah' amazing - I brought in several friends and family who have a passion for reading similar to me. I wanted to give them each credit for reading my second novel and providing me with honest, solid feedback.

One is the CFO of a local company here in town. Her eye for grammatical errors is impeccable due to the many years of combing through financial notes. I'm glad our jobs made us acquaintances...but most of all I'm blessed for her friendship.

My cousin - she has a knack for critical thinking - which I'm 100% sure she needs in her full time job so this comes very natural to her. She caught a few things throughout the novel that I had to scratch my head on and think ALL the way back to the 90s. You are amazing...and I love you!

A dear friend who has retired, but has a passion for books like no other. She breezed through both of my novels in one day. Our friendship means the world to me and her support of both of my novels means so much. She's a quick but concise reader and is responsible for me adding a little more punch to Tempted Fate!

Certainly not last by any means - but - my aunt. She's an avid reader and carried this skill throughout her legacy as an administrator at a nursing home. She read between my words and let me know when I skipped one or two :). She reached out to help review, and I'm so glad I sent her the pre read.

So, help me celebrate these amazing women who helped me with quick pre reads of my second novel to ensure my readers soaked up every word of Tempted Fate. To each of you - thank you, thank you, thank you!

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