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The Whipt Dip! Mmmmmm!

Anyone...and everyone...who hears 'Whipt Dip" - their mouth immediately waters!

From the ah-mazing pressed po-boys, to the curly Q's and then the soft serve vanilla cones - my mouth is watering typing this!

The days of a drive up service fast food like the Whipt Dip are almost a thing of the past. In our small town of LeCompte, we were blessed to have the Whipt Dip which offered the best hamburgers, pressed po-boys, curly Q's and sweet treats - only a short drive from home!

It was only natural to incorporate the Whipt Dip into my trilogy. It is referenced as 'The Dixie' in the novel. I couldn't easily reverse the Whipt Dip so I compromised and picked 'The Dixie'.

It was a place to hang out...a place to bring the family after church on Sunday - and it was a staple in our town.

We were all sad when it closed, but it's memory still surfaces each time I pass the site - located on the corner of Hwy 71 and Hwy 112.

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