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Copyright Drama!

I've learned so much about copyright rules by self-publishing!

It actually was one of the worst things about creating the cover on my novel! The font selection!

Yes! You read it right! The font type was a killer!

Each font I thought matched beautifully with my novel cover...was not for commercial use. As an author, I appreciate the copyright provisions...100%!

Someone out there created this wonderful font type that I would like to use on the cover of my novel. I learned very quick - with help from my editor - to search for "commercial use" font only if I planned to market the image.

Who would have ever thought that the font type on a book cover would be the hardest thing about this self-publish thing!? Well, it was for me!

Many thanks to my wonderful editor, Jenn Jakes, for guiding me in the right direction. I have all respect for copyright provisions and learned so much through this process!

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