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Cover design and self publishing

Many have asked how I published A Forever Love.

Honestly, it was super simple! The hard part was making sure I made the right decision - after all, I spent months writing the novel - and I yearned for market outreach. All authors aspire for this!

After gaining insight from my editor and independent research, I decided the best path for me would be to self-publish on Amazon and enrolled in KDP which gives Amazon exclusive access to the e-book version for 90 days. So, I chose Indie!

Self-publishing allowed me to create/design the book cover and upload the blurb how I felt the novel should be portrayed. I was so glad to have Photoshop Elements due to my love for photography! Otherwise, it might not have been so easy!

I created the paperback and hardcover versions and uploaded the manuscript to Amazon. Separatee post on the platform I used to format my novel from MS Word!)

The margins!!! One night I was up until 2:30 am making sure the text on the cover, back cover, and spine were within prescribed margins. Yikes!

Copyright is another blog post, but I will say that finding commercial use images as well as the font will make your head spin!! More to come on this!

My plan is to continue self-publishing through the completion of A Sedipar Trilogy.

I also plan to keep writing and with an increased following and solid market base, I will have a telling query letter for a publisher on my next novel!

Happy reading!

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